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DHS- Best of the Best 4 (1998) movie poster

Best of the Best 4: Without Warning is a 1998 DTV martial arts-action film written and directed by the film's star, Phillip Rhee. It is the third sequel in the Best of the Best film series. The film co-stars Ernie Hudson, Tobin Bell, Paul Gleason and Sven-Ole Thorsen.


A group of Russian mobsters have stolen a huge supply of paper for printing U.S. currency, and are now flooding the market with counterfeit bills. When one of the mobsters decides to turn herself in and hand over a data CD to the DA, she is shot and killed, but not before handing the disc to an unsuspecting Tommy Lee. Despite working with the police as a martial arts instructor, Lee doesn't go to the cops with the disc, but instead goes on the run, giving the mafia time to kidnap his daughter to hold as a hostage in exchange for the disc. When Lee catches the mobsters fleeing in a C130, he raises himself on a fire engine and casts the mobster's own bomb into the plane as landing gear doors close.


  • Phillip Rhee as Tommy Lee
  • Ernie Hudson as Detective Gresko
  • Tobin Bell as Lukast Slava
  • Art LaFleur as Big Joolie
  • Jessica Collins as Karina
  • Chris Lemmon as Jack Jarvis
  • Sven-Ole Thorsen as Boris
  • Jessica Huang as Stephanie
  • Thure Riefenstein as Yunika Slava
  • Jill Ritchie as Micky
  • Ilia Volok (as Ilia Volokh) as Mia
  • Garrett Warren as Voktor
  • David 'Shark' Fralick as Oleg
  • Monte Perlin as Sergi
  • Marco Verdier as Black Cop

Plot Summary[]

When a disc containing Russian mob activity falls into the hands of Tommy Lee, a martial arts instructor, he is forced to escape, only to discover that his daughter has been held hostage. He must now confront them with everything he has got in order to save his daughter.