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DHS- Behind Enemy Lines 3 Colombia cover

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia is the 2009 second unrelated except in name only sequel to 2001's Behind Enemy Lines and marks the second appearance of Keith David's character Scott Boytano from the first 2006 sequel Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil. This film was produced by WWE Studios and later followed by another loose sequel in 2014, SEAL Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines, starring Tom Sizemore.


Colombia is in chaos, as a five man team of US Navy SEALS commanded by Lieutenant Sean Macklin (Joe Manganiello) embark on a secret mission to ensure that peace talks between the country's government and insurgent guerrillas don't erupt into violence, an unforeseen complication threatens all out war. Out of nowhere, the meeting falls under attack and the leaders from both sides are killed. The SEALS have been framed for the crime, leaving them to fight for their lives from behind enemy lines against the Colombian Special Forces (AFEUR). Abandoned by their government and left for dead, the weary soldiers race to uncover the evidence that will prove their innocence while ensuring that the violence is contained. Should the fighting spill over the border, the entire region could be plunged into a nightmarish inferno of war and death.