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Behind Enemy Lines is a 2001 action-war thriller directed by John Moore and starring Owen Wilson, David Keith and Gene Hackman.

The plot is loosely based on the 1995 Mrkonjić Grad incident and the film itself was released on November 30, 2001. Behind Enemy Lines received generally negative reviews from critics, with criticism aimed at the film's action scenes and its perceived jingoistic plot. However, it was a considerable box office success, taking in nearly $92 million worldwide against a $40 million budget and was also better received by action-favored crowds. The film was followed by three direct-to-video sequels, Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil, Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia and SEAL Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines, with the third film being co-produced by WWE Studios. None of these films feature the cast and crew of this film.


Lieutenant Chris Burnett (Owen Wilson), an American naval flight officer, is shot down over Bosnia and his co-pilot is killed. He uncovers genocide in the midst of the Bosnian War. Meanwhile, his commanding officer (Gene Hackman) is struggling to gain approval to launch a search and rescue mission to save Burnett.

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