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DHS- Randall Batinkoff in Detonator (2003)

Postal Inspector Beau Stoddard

Beau Stoddard was one of the main heroic protagonists in Detonator (2003 film). He was portrayed by actor Randall Batinkoff.

He was a postal inspector assigned to figure out the mysterious mad bomber case. Prior to this, he was in the FBI before he was fired (?) for unknown circumstances.

Beau served as a "vigilante" in his neighborhood as he hunted down hooligans who played a prank on the residents' mailboxes by placing non-lethal,homemade explosives. During the multiple bombings of Los Angeles, he worked closely with the FBI after being assigned to them by ex-flame Jane Dreyer who quickly learned to stop disputing amongst each other and just learn to work together professionally.

Beau was able to track down Steve Kerwin, the alleged mastermind behind them multiple bombings throughout LA. The two men fought but Kerwin overpowered Beau. Before he could kill Beau, Dreyer arrived just in time and killed Kerwin; but not before Kerwin pressed the button that caused the explosion of the stadium. Beau and Jane escaped the stadium just in the nick of time.

He and Jane would later expose Robert Brickland as the true mastermind behind the terrorist attacks in front of several FBI agents. Brickland would later tell Beau and Jane to "Shut the Fuck Up" as his Miranda rights were read during his apprehension. To couple would then share a kiss, indicating that their relationship may return.