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DHS- Ballistica movie poster

Ballistica is a 2009 direct-to-video action homage directed by Gary Jones and written by Tony Kandah and Sean Rourke. It stars Paul Logan, Lauren Mary Kim and Andrew Divoff. Martin Kove and Robert Davi both co-starred and served as executive producers for the film due to it being a throwback to popular 80s action vehicles. Stunt performers Cole S. McKay, Simon Rhee and James Lew also appear in credited roles playing their usual henchmen type characters.

Despite later being distributed by the mock buster company, The Asylum, which releases intentionally awful rip-offs of bigger-budgeted blockbusters, it wasn't actually created by them. The film is described on foreign movie rental sites (a la iTunes) as being a cross between Die Hard, Commando and 12 Rounds.


A man trains in a deadly form of hand-to-hand combat combined with firearms, then the CIA uses him as a weapon against terrorism.