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Lt. Col. Austin Travis

Austin Travis was a US Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel, and the secondary protagonist of the 1996 film, Executive Decision. He was played by Steven Seagal, who also played Casey Ryback in the Under Siege film franchise.

Travis, using information gathered by David Grant, led his team of soldiers, consisting of Master Sergeant Carlos "Rat" Lopez, Sergeant First Class Campbell "Cappy" Matheny, Sergeant First Class Louie Jung, Sergeant First Class Michael Baker, Collins, Cayman, Doc, and Spider to recover the DZ-5 nerve gas from the Chechen mob. Collins is killed and the nerve gas is not there. Travis then forms a grudge against Grant.

Five months later, Travis and his team, along with Grant and engineer Dennis Cahill, use an experimental plane called the Remora to board a passenger jet hijacked by Nagi Hassan and his men, who has the nerve gas on board. During the boarding Cappy is injured and Grant boards to get him on the plane. The plane pulls up, putting too much stress on the boarding sleeve, and Travis closes the hatch before the Remora is destroyed, sending Travis falling to his death.