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DHS- NYPD Police Officer Austin Reilly (Corey Stoll) in Non-Stop

Police Ofc. Austin Reilly

Austin Reilly was a supporting character and later a key ally in 2014's Non-Stop. He was portrayed by actor Corey Stoll in the film.

Character Summary[]

Reilly was an off-duty New York police officer who originally tried, along with flight passengers Travis Mitchell and Charles Wheeler to gain back control of the plane from supposedly insane air marshal Bill Marks. After various struggles and conflicts, Reilly figured that Marks was just the right guy in the wrong place at the right time. After helping look for suspicious people aboard the flight and move cargo to the plane to avoid it from making rough turns when it was forced to make highly cautioned turns to avoid being shot down, the true perpetrators revealed both their faces and true intent. Marks ended up showing his trust to Reilly by handing him a side firearm. Reilly was shot by Zack White, after it is revealed he's one of the actual hijackers, but Reilly presumably survived his wounds.