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DHS- Assault on Dome 4 DVD cover

Assault on Dome 4 is a 1997 American science-fiction film, starring Joseph Culp, Bruce Campbell, Jocelyn Seagrave, and Brion James.

The film was directed by Gilbert Po and written by Hesh Rephun.

Since it's original USA air date, it has only been released on home video and DVD in the UK.


Intergalactic extremist Alex Windham (Bruce Campbell) has seized control of Dome 4, a scientific outpost on another planet, after escaping from a penal colony on Mars. Windham is forcing the staff of Dome 4 to construct new weapons that he can use to destroy his enemies, but he doesn't know that one of his captives is the wife of interstellar lawman Chase Moran (Joseph Culp) — and Moran will allow no harm to come to his wife.


  • Joseph Culp: Chase Moran (Peace Keeper)
  • Bruce Campbell: Alex Windham
  • Jocelyn Seagrave: Lily Moran (Chase's Wife)
  • Brion James: Chairman
  • Ray Baker: Dan Block, Chief of Staff
  • Jack Nance: Mellow (Dome 4 Oldtimer)
  • Mark Bringleson: Sigmund (Windham Henchman)
  • James Lew: Quaid (Windham Henchman)
  • Jay Arlen Jones: Goon #1
  • Rudolf Weber: Goon #2
  • Matthew Chontos: Goon #3 / Peace Keeper #3
  • Shawn Hoffman: Peace Keeper #1
  • Brandon Scott Peterson: Peace Keeper #2
  • Michael Auteri: Bob Bowen (Dome 4 Administrator)
  • B.J. Barie: JD