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DHS- Arius (Dan Hedaya) in Commando

Former Dictator Arius

Arius was the secondary villain of 1985's Commando portrayed by comedic actor Dan Hedaya in the film.

Character Summary[]

Arius was the brutal dictator of Val Verde in South America who had previously been taken out of power by John Matrix and replaced by a puppet regime. Angered and seeking to return to power, Arius kidnapped Matrix's beloved daughter Jenny and used her to blackmail John into assassinating the new president of Val Verde and allowing him to return to power. To make this happen, Arius conspired with Matrix's former colleague and madman Bennett. The former dictator planned to have Jenny killed, whether Matrix completed his task or not.

After Matrix was put on a plane to Val Verde with an escort, Arius took Jenny to his island to wait. During this time, he and Bennett argued about the quality of Arius' men. The former dictator valued their loyalty to him, but Bennett considered them incompetent and said that he and Matrix could kill them all easily. Arius pointed out that Bennett was scared of Matrix. Bennett admitted this, but replied that he had one advantage: Jenny.

Matrix refused to cooperate and the plane arrived in Val Verde on time, but Matrix was not on it. Furious, Arius ordered Bennett to kill Jenny. However, it was too late for this, because Jenny had escaped from her room. Meanwhile, her father, who had tracked them to the island, began a one man war against Arius' army. Prior to his showdown with Bennett, Matrix ended up killing Arius by blasting him out a second story window with a Remington 870 shotgun following a brief shootout with Arius' and his Steyr AUG assault rifle. Arius body crashed to the ground below as a result.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • During his reign in Val Verde, Arius had many people tortured and killed. He justified this by saying the country needed to be led by someone who understood discipline. Despite his defeat and exile, Arius still had a lot of resources at his disposal, including money, a private army, and a base on an island. He also hired a number of gangsters and assassins to help him regain his post prior to recruiting Bennett.