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The Siege Hubbard

Anthony "Hub" Hubbard

Anthony "Hub" Hubbard is the primary protagonist played by Denzel Washington in 1998's The Siege.

Personality and Storyline[]

He is the Special Agent in Charge of the Bombing Squad of the FBI in New York and the protagonist of the movie. He is therefore responsible for the investigation of the appearance of terrorist activities in New York, who also has to stop them and, later, also General Devereaux, because of his actions while the city was declared under siege.

He always does things by the book and receives mentoring from CIA operative Elise Kraft, who went to New York, when she received information about a terrorist cell positioned there to deal with them. Despite of the bombings, which among other things destroys the FBI building in New York, he manages to defeat the terrorists with her help in New York.

Later he arrests General Deveraux, who took over New York after it was put under martial law because of the bombings, for the torture and murder of Tarique Husseini, an innocent, framed civilian that was considered a terrorist.