Andrei Kolchak
Andrei Kolchak in Air Force One
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Nationality: Kazakh (formerly Soviet)
Affiliation: General Ivan Radek
Egor Korshunov
Profession: Ultranationalist
Status: Deceased
Cause of death: Shot twice in the head by President James Marshall
Played by: Elya Baskin
Film: Air Force One

Andrei Kolchak is Egor Korshunov's pilot and right hand man in Air Force One. He is the secondary antagonist.


Andrei Kolchak spent most of the film in the cockpit, flying Air Force One. It is obvious that Kolchak is Korshunov's best friend, aside from Vladimir Krasin.

He was killed when President James Marshall fired an MP5K at Kolchak, striking him numerous times in the chest. He was protected by his bulletproof vest, however, Marshall tipped the gun upwards and fired into his forehead twice, killing him instantly.

Kolchak's death proved to be a grave mistake for Marshall, as there was no one left to fly the plane. Korshunov took this as a win and dumped the parachutes out the loading dock in an attempt to escape and leave Marshall and the remaining hostages to crash and die, however, Marshall broke his neck with a parachute chord. Nonetheless, Marshall had to learn how to fly Air Force One.

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