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Andre Drazen

Andre Drazen is one of the prime protagonists on the first season of "24" and is portrayed by actor Željko Ivanek.

Character Actions Summary[]

Andre Drazen and his brother Alexis worked together to kill Jack Bauer and Senator David Palmer for their involvement in Operation: Nightfall back in Kosovo, which led to the death of their sister.

Andre hired Ira Gaines to assassinate Senator Palmer and to frame Jack Bauer for it. When Gaines failed at the operation, Andre took over. They also wanted to free their father Victor from the hands of the Department of Defense, who claimed Victor had died years ago. Andre is a very driven individual, and will do anything to avenge the tragedy that his family has had to endure.

While Andre's brother, Alexis is taken captive by CTU, Andre is able to break his father out of holding with a band of mercenaries, along with taking Jack captive and killing the warden Mark DeSalvo. Jack stalls his death by telling them Alexis is still alive. Once getting their brother back, he soon dies due to injuries. When Jack believes his daughter has been killed, he storms the warehouse where Andre and Victor are and takes out the Drazen's men. Andre and Victor run for the docks as Jack chases them. Andre is eventually shot by Jack, and he dies. Soon afterward, his father Victor is also killed by Jack.