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"You are a monster, and my father is a great man. You're nothing like my father! "
―Alice Marshall to Egor Korshunov.
Alice Marshall

Alice Marshall in Air Force One.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Naturally Blonde
Father: James Marshall
Mother: Grace Marshall
Played by: Liesel Matthews

Alice Marshall is the daughter of President James Marshall and First Lady Grace Marshall.

She was portrayed by Liesel Matthews.

Air Force One[]

During the events of the film, Alice Marshall was a 12 year old girl who was struggling to have a normal childhood with her father as the president of the United States, and is annoyed with his overprotectiveness of her. Nonetheless, she loved and respected her father, and he spent a lot of time with her. They were watching the football game in his office when the terrorists took over Air Force One.

Later in the film, Egor Korshunov asks if she thinks that he is a monster, and she replies yes. He attempts to tell her that her father is guilty of doing the same things, but she rebuffs him, saying that her father is a great man. She is reunited with her father at the end of the film.  


  • "I'm 12 years old, dad. In the caveman days I'd be having children of my own."
  • "Pass interference. That's cheating!"
  • "Why did you kill him?"

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