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DHS- Alex Montel (Olivier Martinez) in SWAT (2003)

Alex Montel

Alexander Montel is the primary villain seen in 2003's S.W.A.T. and is portrayed in the film by Olivier Martinez.

Character Summary[]

Montel is a French drug lord wanted in over a dozen countries for various crimes. Montel travels to Los Angeles to visit his uncle at a restaurant on his birthday, and slits his throat as revenge for holding back their family's money from him. As he is driving to the airport, he is pulled over by a female L.A.P.D. officer for having a broken taillight on his car. She quickly becomes suspicious of him and Montel is detained until the L.A.P.D. can get a full positive I.D. on him. They learn through Interpol of his criminal activities and he is taken to prison in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department bus. Along the way, two of Montel's associates, disguised as L.A.P.D. officers, hijack the bus and attempt to rescue Montel, but Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson and Jim Street arrives and kill the two hijackers. Montel is recaptured but as numerous reporters surround him, he shouts out that he will give $100 million to whoever is able to free him.

The L.A.P.D. plan to take Montel into federal custody and arrange for him to travel by helicopter, but it is shot down by Brian Gamble with a high-powered sniper rifle. Hondo and his S.W.A.T. team then take Montel away in an SUV while the police send out a large convoy to act as a decoy to several attacking gang members. However, Gamble appears and confronts his former S.W.A.T. members in the SUV before rescuing Montel, with the help of another traitorous S.W.A.T. member named T.J. McCabe.

They escape with Montel to a bridge where a plane is due to land, as Gamble had previously paid the pilots to fly Montel out of the country. Hondo and his team drive across town in search of Montel and Gamble, and they notice a low-flying plane approaching the bridge. They approach the plane and prevent it from taking off, leading to a gunfight which eventually results in the deaths of Gamble and T.J. Montel is then arrested once more and taken to prison for the rest of his life.