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DHS- Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in Spy Hunter Nowhere to Run videogame

Alex Decker

Lieutenant Alex Decker is the primary protagonist of the 2006 video game Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run. He is portrayed in the game via voice and motion capture acting by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Character Mission Summary[]

Decker is an agent of the International Espionage Service who starts off in a car chase with NOSTRA agents transporting an unknown shipment. After escaping the chase and meeting up with Karin, another IES agent, Alex and her engage in an ensuing gun fight against NOSTRA agents. Unfortunately, the shipment Alex was carrying is confiscated by Gomez, the NOSTRA leader, his Interceptor is confiscated, and Karin goes missing.

A year later, Alex traces his interceptor to a ship offshore the oceans, and with the help of another agent, download certain codes to plan his escape from the ship along with the shipment. Eventually, Decker escapes the ship, but he himself is pursued by NOSTRA agents. After a long and arduous chase, Decker manages to hold the agents off, and reach the IES base safely. Unfortunately, the base is surprise attacked by NOSTRA agents, which the IES eventually fend off. However, the director of the IES is taken hostage, prompting the IES to launch another attack at the NOSTRA base. Upon rescuing the director, Alex goes after Olaf in a lengthy chase, and eventually meets him upon a NOSTRA train, where Alex defeats him by throwing him out of the train. The damaged train reaches a secret NOSTRA base, where Alex finds and defeats Cyrus and Marduk after their attempts to kill Decker.

Decker manages to sneak himself on a NOSTRA plane, where he tries to fight Gomez, but Gomez eventually escapes, and Karin and Decker use an Interceptor, with a flying specification out of the plane, and apparently fly to catch Gomez, leaving the fates of all three characters unknown.