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DHS- Aleksandr Borovsky (Alec Utgoff) in Jack Ryan- Shadow Recruit

Aleksandr Borovsky

Aleksandr Borovsky was the secondary villain in the 2014 reboot film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. He is portrayed by newcomer Alec Utgoff in the film.


Borovsky is a sleeper terror cell member assigned by the villainous Viktor Cherevin to arrange for a massive bomb to go off in the sewers of New York City.

Character Summary[]

Being separated from his real father, Viktor Cherevin, he is placed in the United States as a sleeper agent under a foster family. When he starts his mission to destroy New York City, he kills an FBI agent tracking him then drives to New York in disguise of a NYPD van. Jack Ryan quickly notices this, then gives chase to the van on a motorcycle leading to the sewers.

At the sewers, Ryan fights Aleksandr but finds himself being unable to disable the bomb, so Ryan drives the van into the East River of New York City and jumps out of the van, but Aleksandr fails to jump out of the van as the van crashes into the river and explodes with the bomb in it, killing Aleksandr and preventing the attack on Wall Street. Aleksandr's death ends up becoming Cherevin's downfall, as shortly after Aleksandr's death Cherevin is called for a meeting, and aware that he will be killed, he is then shot at the meeting point.


  • Aleksandr is first seen at a Russian Orthodox Church in Dearborn, Michigan. This is where the Ford Motor Company had originated from.
  • He is seen with his relatives.
  • In some parts, Aleksandr is seen to be posing as a normal civilian but murders random people on the way. He firstly kills a driver then takes over his car, kills an elderly worker at a car manufacturing site, and also an FBI agent tracking him.
  • Aleksandr's death scene is different from all others in action movies. He meets his demise when his van drives into the East River and detonating the bomb. Ryan kills Aleksandr, but prevents the attack on Wall Street and most importantly, the death of any innocent civilian.