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DHS- Alec Baldwin in MI5 Rogue Nation

Alan Hunley

Alan Hunley is a secretary to the Impossible Missions Force and leading figure in the Central Intelligence Agency. He is portrayed in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation by actor Alec Baldwin.

Character Summary[]

Hunley is quick to ask Congress to dismantle the IMF task force due to finding their missions purely based on luck among other good fortunes. William Brandt manages to keep his job as the main leader of the restructured IMF agency but he is still watched over by Hunley.

Over time, Hunley realizes that the IMF task force is far more daring than he ever imagined and ends up having to help them with their increasingly difficult assignment. After realizing his bureaucratic methods weren't exactly useful, Hunley shows up to Congress to suggest they reopen the IMF agency. While Hunley is looked down upon as not as trustworthy after making a huge ordeal of this, he manages to keep the IMF team's careers alive and well.