Al Leong
DHS- stunt actor Al Leong
Birthplace: United States
Birthdate: 30 September, 1952
Active: 1983–present
Films appeared in: MacGyver
Die Hard
Showdown in Little Tokyo
Rapid Fire
Army of One
Last Action Hero
Beverly Hills Cop III
Escape from L.A.
The Replacement Killers
Role: Wayne H. Lim (MacGyver)
Uli (Die Hard)

Stunts (Showdown in Little Tokyo)
Stunts/Minh (Rapid Fire)
Stunt Performer/Chinese Gunmen #9 (Army of One)
Thug/Stunts (Last Action Hero)
Repairman/Stunts (Beverly Hills Cop III)
Hershe Gang Member/Stunts (Escape from L.A.)
Terence Wai henchman/Stunts (The Replacement Killers)
Stunts (Lethal Weapon 4)
(Ghosts of Mars)
Stunt Performer (Hostage)
Neil Nagi (24)

Al Leong (born September 30, 1952) is an Asian-American stuntman, martial artist and actor who has since retired from the Hollywood scene but his cinematic legacy is still well-remembered.

In addition to appearing in the original Die Hard that started it all, his credits include: Big Trouble in Little China (with Kurt Russell), the Lethal Weapon franchise, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (with Keanu Reeves) and several other films and television appearances.


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