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Airspeed is a 1998 Canadian disaster thriller film from Lions Gate Entertainment and Melenny Productions which originally premiered as a TBS original movie of the week. The film was directed by Robert Tinnell, co-produced and co-written by Richard Goudreau and starred Elisha Cuthbert and Joe Mantegna. Roc LaFortune co-wrote the screenplay which was based on a novel by Andrew Sands.

In the film, the passengers and crew of a private Boeing 727-100 jet are incapacitated by an explosive decompression, except for the teenage daughter of the owner of the private jet. Their survival depends on her.

Plot SummaryEdit

When a wealthy businessman sends his private Boeing 727-100 jet to pick up his 13-year-old daughter and two of his most trusted employees for an important banquet at which he will speak. In transit, the jet is caught in a serious electrical storm that kills the pilot and the other two adults, leaving the girl to try and land the plane with only the radio contact of the air traffic controller to guide her.

Cast of CharactersEdit

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