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DHS- Airboss 1997 movie poster

Airboss is a 1997 film and the first of four films starring Frank Zagarino in them. It's directed, co-stars and is co-written by J. Christian Ingvordsen.


A mercenary team assaults a desolate air base in a former Soviet republic to steal a fighter plane.

Full Synopsis[]

When a shipment of plutonium has been stolen by a former Soviet kingpin, with the rumored sale of it to Middle Eastern terrorists intent on making a nuclear bomb, a combined special forces unit is assembled by the U.S. military to recover the contraband and save the planet. But the elite task force -- made up of FBI agents Bill Murphy (Jerry Kokich) and Morgan Daniels (Caroline Strong) and military hotshots Webb Buckley (J. Christian Ingvordsen) and Bone Conn (Kayle Watson) -- is made up of conflicting personalities with conflicting methods of operation. When one of the team is killed, the call goes out for Top Gun Frank White (Frank Zagarino) to save the day -- and the world.