thumb|241px|link=Agent Red (a.k.a. "Captured") is a 2000 American action film directed by Damian Lee and Jim Wynorski (who did uncredited re-shoots in addition to borrowing stock footage from Fred Olen Ray) and starring Dolph Lundgren.


Matt Hendricks and Linda Christian are two soldiers who are on a submarine when it is infiltrated by Russian terrorists, trapping them inside. The two then learn of a plot to use a chemical weapon from the submarine on America. Now it's up to them to save the day. 


After the film was completed, producer Andrew Stevens deemed it too inept to be released. Screenwriter Steve Latshaw was brought in to make the film at least half-competent, while Jim Wynorski was hired to direct some new scenes (about 40 minutes of footage in three days) and insert stock footage (mostly from Fred Olen Ray's Die Hard rip-off Counter Measures with Michael Dudikoff from which it became a remake of) where appropriate.

Cast of CharactersEdit

DHS- publicity still for AGENT RED

Hendricks and Christian are in a race against time once the submarine is taken over by Russian terrorists.



DHS- Pat Skelton as villainous henchman Borenz in AGENT RED

Borenz is the Russian computer handyman assisting the terrorists.



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