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Adrian Holmes
DHS- Adrian Holmes (American Meltdown, Tactical Force)
Name: Adrian Randolph Holmes
Birthplace: Wrexham, North Wales, UK
Birthdate: March 31, 1974
Active: 1991–present
Films appeared in: American Meltdown
Hunt to Kill
Human Target
Tactical Force
Role: Agent Charlie Jansen (American Meltdown)
Crab (Hunt to Kill)
Man in the Woods (Wrecked)
Vaughn (Human Target)

Lampone (Tactical Force)

Adrian Holmes (born March 31, 1974) is a Welsh character actor who has appeared in various American, Canadian and UK productions, mostly television related. He is perhaps best known as Basqat on the long-running "Smallville" TV series in addition to having recurring lead or supporting roles on "Cold Squad", "Painkiller Jane" (with Kristanna Loken), "True Justice" (with Steven Seagal), "King & Maxwell", "Arrow" (with Paul Blackthorne, Roger R. Cross and Jeffrey Nordling), "Primeval: New World" (with Alexander Siddig), "Continuum" (again with Cross) and "19-2".

Holmes also guest-starred as various characters on series such as "Highlander", "Stargate SG-1", "Jeremiah" and "Human Target". He has also appeared in the films The Hard Corps (with Jean-Claude Van Damme), the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin films Damage and Hunt to Kill (with Eric Roberts, Gil Bellows and Gary Daniels), Frankie & Alice (with Halle Berry), 2011's version of Red Robin Hood (with Gary Oldman), The Cabin in the Woods and Elysium (with Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Jose Pablo Cantillo and Faran Tahir).