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DHS- Glenn Morshower on 24

SS Agent Aaron Pierce on Season 1

Aaron Pierce was a recurring heroic United States Secret Service agent in the first six seasons of the TV series "24". He also appears in 24: The Game and is played by actor Glenn Morshower in all appearances.

Character Summary[]

Pierce was the Secret Service's special agent in charge of the Presidential Protection Detail who was tasked with protecting many Presidents throughout his tenure. He later became a valuable pal of Jack Bauer's as well.

Prior to and during Day 1, he was a bodyguard for Senator David Palmer during his Presidential campaign. Pierce continued to be detailed with Palmer, who was President through Days 2 and 3, and remained loyal to Palmer even after he was unseated by Vice President Jim Prescott. During Day 4, Pierce was again in the bodyguard detail in Washington, D.C., and helped identify the assassin Mandy for President Charles Logan and his new advisor, former President Palmer. Eighteen months later, Aaron saved First Lady Martha Logan, Russian President Yuri Suvarov and Anya Suvarov from a terrorist motorcade ambush. He was also instrumental in unraveling President Logan's international criminal conspiracy that day.

By Day 6, Pierce was regularly spending time with Martha, but by Day 7, he was no longer with her and was residing in Washington, D.C. He was called upon by Bill Buchanan to inform Olivia Taylor of the attack on her father, at which point he stayed to look after her at her request. He was, however, influential in bringing her to justice for the murder of Jonas Hodges.