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A Common Man is a 2013 thriller film starring Oscar Award winner Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross and directed by Sri Lankan film maker Chandran Rutnam.[1][2][3][4][5]

The film is an official remake of the Indian thriller A Wednesday!, as the film was previously remade in Tamil language in 2009 as Someone Like You, but Rutnam reworked the screenplay of this highly suspenseful thriller.[6]

A Common Man is an award winning movie that won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor awards at the Madrid International Film Festival and bronze medal in the Feature Films category at the New York Festivals’ International Television and Film Awards, three of the 119 Gold World Medals, 145 Silver, 104 Bronze, and 327 Finalist Certificates awarded that day.[7][8]


The film starts in a room full of bomb making material and newspaper articles about LTTE bombings in Sri Lanka, the screen then cuts to a typical busy morning in Colombo. "The Man" (Ben Kingsley) plants five bombs around the city; on a public bus, in a shopping mall and the Polgoda police station, on an intercity train, and at the Katukurunda Airfield. The man then establishes his mini control station on top a skyscraper in Dehiwala and calls the police chief Morris Da Silva (Ben Cross) and informs him that if four prisoners are not released, the bombs will be detonated.[9]


  • Ben Kingsley as "The Man"
  • Ben Cross as Morris Da Silva
  • Pattrick Rutnam as IP Mohideen
  • Fredrick-James Koch as IP Rangan Jayaweera


A Common Man was filmed in 2012 in various locations in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Critical reception[]

The movie received negative reviews on some movie sites including RottenTomatoes gave it a 13% through audience rating. However, the movie won the awards for the best film and the best actor (Ben Kingsley) in the Madrid Film Festival.


A Common Man was released worldwide on 21 May 2013 in Blu-ray by Anchor Bay Films and Myriad Pictures.


The movie had its premiere at the Laemmle Music Hall Cinema in Beverly Hills, California on 15 March 2013 with the participation of celebrated movie personalities in Hollywood.[10]

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