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DHS- 80 Minutes movie poster alternate cover

80 Minutes is a 2008 Action-Thriller starring Gabriel Mann, Natalia Avelon, Joshua Dallas, Oliver Kieran-Jones and Francis Fulton-Smith, with a script written and directed by Thomas Jahn. The film was released direct-to-video on September 2, 2008 in the United States after being released in Japan.


Alex North has been injected with a poison inside his body and has only 80 minutes to find $15,000 for his boss Lloyd if he wants to live. Now he must go through the whole night, searching for ways to make up that amount.


  • Gabriel Mann as Alex North
  • Joshua Dallas as Floyd
  • Oliver Kieran-Jones as Lloyd
  • Natalia Avelon as Mona
  • Francis Fulton-Smith as Walter
  • Jack Murray as Black
  • Max Urlacher as Dr. Vincent North
  • Xenia Seeberg as Britt
  • Terry Cook as Mike
  • Niki Greb as Carmen
  • Alex Wedekind as Police Officer #1
  • Johannes Brandrup as Police Officer #2
  • Pierre Shrady as Jaguar Driver